1 RBC = 0.004 USD



In the near future, with cryptocurrency it will be possible to pay for any goods throughout the country and the world. You can, how to store RBCoin in your wallet, you can also trade on the Waves exchange platform.
🧾 White Paper🧾
RBC is a cryptocurrency that is developed and managed by a consortium of companies headquartered in Latvia, led by investors and entrepreneurs engaged in joint business with Chinese companies, which represent the potential for further integration with the services offered by RBCoin. It is expected that RBCOIN will enter the international level in the first quarter of 2020, and testing will begin at the end of 2019. It is planned that cryptocurrency will allow you to pay for goods and services in all countries of the world, as well as transfer funds.According to the White Paper project, RBCOIN will be a stablecoin, a cryptocurrency that is tied to stocks of fiat (real) currencies or goods. RBC will also be tied to the dollar, the ruble, BTC and many other cryptocurrencies. This may affect the potential growth of the Currency and increase competitiveness in the market. Currency Traded in pairs: RBC/Waves, RBC/BTC.

Video presentation of the project RbCoin

Road map

Creation of the international bank RBCOIN. The bank’s board of directors will consist of the leaders of the TOP-40 RBC coin holders. These people have undoubtedly proved that they are leaders and have the right to lead our Bank in the future.
The introduction of a coin in the banking sector and providing all users of the coin with plastic cards for instant payment of goods and services, or cash out funds of any currency in the world.
Development of its own Exchange (03/30/2020)
The currency will be traded on three exchanges (planned for September 30, 2019)
Development of a blockchain wallet wallet (planned for 05/10/2020)
Launching your own exchanger wallet for all Countries of monetary currencies and crypto exchanges (Planned on 06/20/2020)
Launching the use of the coin for the purchase of various goods and services with the RbCoin coin in Internet platforms and Social networks, (planned for 04.15.2021)
10,000,000 RbCoin Coins Issued
In the near future, the price for 1 RbCoin coin will be $ 5.5-6 (planned for 07/30/2021)