In simple words, PoS mining is the accumulation and storage of a virtual coin on a cryptocurrency wallet on a site or wallet. The user buys cryptocurrency on the exchange or receives through the exchanger, after which he blocks the money for the extraction of new coins. In other words, the funds are in the wallet, and the user receives a certain percentage (depends on the amount of funds in the account and cryptocurrencies).
A mining participant has the right to spend accumulations at any time and stop the stacking process. Coin owners who use savings for mining are called holders - participants of the crypto network, blocking coins to receive block rewards.
Main Stacking Terms:
Cryptocurrency wallet is active and synchronized.
Cryptocurrency lies on the balance sheet and is not used to complete transactions for a certain time. Carrying out operations with virtual coins on the account excludes receiving remuneration on the stacking. This feature makes mining on PoS similar to a bank deposit.
What You Need to Know About RBC Cryptocurrency Stacking
The amount of earnings on PoS mining is small, therefore, to increase profits, it is important to keep a large amount of virtual coins on the account.
For income, there is no need to buy expensive equipment, just a regular PC or laptop. The system cares about the balance of the user's wallet, and not the computing power of its equipment.
The participant’s earnings depend on the number of coins on the Balance
RBCoin-Cryptocurrency with the generation of the ruble, USD and cryptocurrencies

How it works and how you can mine and generate Bitcoin at the expense of Cryptocurrency

🤖BTC-generation occurs at the expense of all RBCOIN holders, built a chain of wallets through the built-in Block platform on the site, you just need to keep at least 500 RBC and higher on the Balance, the Block will generate and mine every 24 hours to your Satoshi Balance ➖ THE MORE COINS YOU KEEP ON BALANCE, THERE IS EFFECTIVE AND MORE BLOCK WILL BE GENERATED BY BTC ⚠️In the event that there is LESS THAN 500 RBC on your Balance to generate Bitcoin mining, the system automatically disables the collection for your Wallet ⛏ 🤖The block generates 24 hours a day. Get Passive Income from a Holding Program! 🔶RBCoin is a new generation digital cryptocurrency with the generation of ruble, USD and cryptocurrencies. 🔶RBCoin - uses a unique technology for the extraction of currencies, due to sales turnover and investment portfolio in various industries of large enterprises and foreign markets. 🔋Holding - a program on the website of your personal account, calculates Daily percentage with a minimum balance of 10 RBC, the number of coins on the Balance affects the large amount of coins generated during the calculation. 🔐You can, how to safely store currency on your personal account website, easily and quickly withdraw to your Waves Exchange wallet and trade on DEX with a percentage that is generated from the total amount daily to your Balance, without affecting the principal amount that generates coins for you and increases generation every 24 hours. Your charges depend on the number of coins on the Balance; the more coins, the more currency you will get. RCryptocurrency RBCoin - makes it possible to generate passive income for everyone, with or without investment! 🛰На Официальном Сайте и Боте телеграмм: присутствует Реферальная партнёрка до 3 ур, кнопка Бонус и Лёгкие задания, вы можете одновременно строить Реферальную структуру в личном кабинете сайта и в самом Боте. И это ещё не предел - так же есть холдинг программа с начислениями, о которой мы сейчас дадим краткое разъяснение.
➡️There are 6 levels of Cryptocurrency Generation, accruals go 1 time every day.

1 lvl from 10-49 RB 0.09%
2 lvl from 50-99 RB 0.1%
3 lvl from 100-499 RB 0.15%
4 lvl from 1000-999 RB 0.25%
5 lvl from 1000-9999RB 0.4%
6 lvl from 10000-1000000 0.7%

🌐Our Goal is to develop a coin throughout the Country and the World, RBCoin Cryptocurrency will become the fastest exchange system among many wallets and the fastest payment system. 🤖Bot Bonus with a referral structure and various tasks @RubCoinInvestBot
💡Project Founder: @RubCoinAdmin
🖥 Our Channel for All RbCoin Coin Information: @RubCoinInvestTocen2019
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Further development plans of the Company RBC


➖Creation of an international bank RBCOIN. The bank’s board of directors will be composed of the leaders of the TOP-40 RBC coin holders. These people have arguably proved to be leaders and have the right to lead our future Bank 🏦
➖ The introduction of a coin in the banking sector and providing all users of the coin with plastic cards for instant payment of goods and services, or cash out funds of any currency in the world
InvestCapital Invest RBC "Our proposed method of earning in digital currency is not much different from the usual and familiar to all of us bank deposits: you will have the opportunity to make a deposit for a certain term (or unlimited) at a percentage of the amount of investment Passive income Virtually no time or attention is required. The level of income directly depends on the amount of the deposit and will go to your Account Balance. Depending on the goals of the investor, you can either withdraw / cash and use it at your discretion, or reinvest by increasing the amount of the deposit.
➖Plenty of updates and extensions
➖Options for trading top exchanges
➖Development of your own blockchain
➖Design your own exchanger wallet
➖BTC, ETH Block Generator Development 🔘All of these updates await us ahead 🔘Estimated implementation period: Until 2021!